Medical Terminology

Introduces the student to a large vocabulary of medical language and develops skills in understanding and remembering new words.


Describe word origins, pronunciations, and definitions and provides examples of how the terms are used. Also includes a basic knowledge of anatomy and terms pertaining to each body system and many frequently used medical abbreviations. Twelve-week course (48 hours)


In the medical terminology course, you will be introduced to a large vocabulary of medical language that can be used in a variety of medical careers. You will also learn and develop new skills in understanding and retention of new words.


The course will describe the word’s origins, correct pronunciations, and definitions. You will also be provided with examples of the use of the terms. You will also be instructed in basic anatomy and terms pertaining to each body system. Training will include many frequently used abbreviations for medical terminology.


The course is 12 weeks (48 hours).

students say...

The Medical Assistant program is/was fascinating. The instructors are wonderful, compassionate ladies who have years of experience in the medical field. I would recommend HTG to everyone.
Denise Schaeffer Bowden
This is such a great school.The teachers are comprehensive and work with you. Many of my friends that have graduated already have jobs and I'm quickly on track to get one. The Medical Assistant program is awesome!!!
Hannah Mason

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology

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